& Vancouver city

FOR x-plane 11

Canada4XPlane and FSimStudios CYVR project has finally made its way to XPlane 11. This scenery features extremely detailed models, ground textures, and plugin rich features to give you the most realistic CYVR package for XPlane 11. Hundreds of hours have been invested into the scenery giving you our best product to date. From heavy international carriers, to helicopter and seaplane operations, Vancouver International is an airport that truly suits all simmers. Seaplane hops to the next island, regionals to almost anywhere in Canada, to International flights all over the world, you will never get bored of arriving or departing Vancouver.

Custom Models for every building on Sea Island (As of Oct. 2020)
● 50+ Custom assets
● 30cm per pixel colour corrected orthophotos for the entire area of Sea Island
● 4K vegetation. Frame friendly volumetric grass
● 4K asphalt, concrete, dirt and grunge
● 4K taxilines and ground details
● Extremely detailed terminal/hangar models
● Terminal interior (installed by default)
● Brand new international terminal extension
● 4K building textures
● Ambient occlusion
● Dynamic lighting
● Optional winter, deep winter, autumn, spring and summer seasons (supported by SAM seasons)
● Custom airport specific jetways (operated by the SAM plugin)
● Custom marshallers
● Optional static aircraft package
● Frame rate friendly LOD (manipulated using the object density slider)

Vancouver for X-Plane Customers are eligible for a discounted upgrade to MSFS, once the product has been released. 

For any help, questions or bug reports, email C4XP at for

EUR 20.00/US$ 24.00

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