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All our sceneries are compatible with P3D v4. If the installer is not ready for v4, just select P3D v3 in the installer and then change the path to v4. If you have any problems during installation, please let us know. The scenery will have to be manually added to the Scenery Library.


Customer Support for CYLW and CYEG for X-Plane is offered by Canada4XPlane. Please contact them at Any support tickets sent through our support form regarding these two products will be forwarded to Canada4XPlane.

CYYC - Double Jetways

This is a problem related to the installation of Update 1.1. Please uninstall it and reinstall following carefully the instructions on the installer.

CYYC - ORBX NRM Compatibility Issues

Cut to a different folder any files containing CYYC in it's name from the ORBX/NRM/Scenery folder.

MPTO - Mesh Problems

This happens because of a missing flatten on the AFCAD. Download the file HERE and replace it on your MPTO/Scenery folder.

Any Scenery - Missing Jetways

Jetways run under a module called SimObject Display Engine. In order for it to work, you need to install the last versionof the main module. You can freely download it here:

CYEG / CYLW - ORBX NRM Compatibility

Both products are compatible with ORBX Northern Rocky Mountains, however a few files need to be deactivated since ORBX modifies elevation and adds objects to the airport. We developed a tool to detect these files and deactivate them automatically. Run the scenery configurator, located in the path of installation of the product. Click on Detect Compatibility issues and wait until the script has generated a log. Then, click on Fix Compatibility Issues.


The following products are compatible with with P3D v5: - CYLW - CYEG - MMUN - MPTO - CYQB CYYC is NOT COMPATIBLE with P3D v5. We do not plan to release an update for CYYC, as a new version of the airport is under development, and targeted to newer platforms.


1. FIRST UNINSTALL ALL VERSIONS OF THE PRODUCT FROM YOUR SYSTEM. 2. Follow these steps to redeem your product activation key (the one used to activate your download):…/en-us/articles/360001542775 3. Install through ORBX Central. Both SimMarket and issued keys are transferrable.


We don't work with these stores anymore. Please contact us to transfer your orders to a different store.


P3D and XP customers are elegible for a discounted license upgrade from P3D and XP to MSFS only - ORBX customers: the discounted price will be automatically applied at checkout.
- FSimStudios customers: an email was sent to all customers including a unique discount code to use at check out. If you didn't recieve the email, please contact us.
- SimMarket customers: your P3D Licenses will have to be first transferred to ORBX and then upgraded from ORBX. Please refer to the "License Transfer - ORBX" Tab. - XPlane ORG customers: please contact us with your order information, as it requires manual validation from us to authenticate your order.

VANCOUVER - Dynamic Lighting issues - P3D v4 & v5

All Dynamic Lighting issues have been addressed on Vancouver's Hotfix 1 for P3D v4 & v5. If you own Vancouver, the hotfix is available here for you to install.

VANCOUVER - High VRAM Utillization

High VRAM Utillization on Vancouver is due to the extensive use of ultra-high resolution 4K Textures and the large area of aerial orthoimagery covered by the product. To reduce VRAM consumption over 30%: - Reduce your simulator's texture resolution to 2048x2048 - Reduce your antialiasing settings (especially on lower-end graphics cards)

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